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This Spooktacular time of year is one of the best times to let your inner creative come out and have so much fun with your little one while doing it! We have put together a list of our ten favorite DIY infant costumes to be sure and bring smiles and fun on Halloween.


-        Binkabox

1. Potato Sack

best12. Baby Minion

best23. Wild Things

best34. Troll

best45.  One Man Band



6. Scuba Diver

best67. Audrey Hepburn

Best88. Mr. Monopoly

best79. Mr. Clean

best910. Flamingo











Sometimes it is not always easy being near your loved ones but we adored this idea “Send a hug in an envelope!”  This a great project and a fun way to create a little gift of love.

Here are the step by step instructions for your project. Enjoy!

Supplies Needed:

  • Washable paints
  • Paper
  • Envelope


1)     First off, I had the kids make hand prints.

2)     I waited for it to dry and then cut each one out.

3)     In the meantime I cut a thin strip of paper and wrote on it, “A birthday HUG from Chase”

4)     Next, fold the thin strip of paper into an accordion style pattern.

5)     Tape or glue the strip of paper to the hand prints so now it looks like a “hug”

6)     Fold it back down, pop in an envelope and Send a Hug in an Envelope!


A person’s name says a lot about them, which is why this fun task can be daunting and so fun for a soon to be new mommy. We have a list that was put together for the most popular names of 2014. So many to choose from! What’s your favorite!?




1 Liam Emma
2 Noah Olivia
3 Ethan Sophia
4 Mason Ava
5 Logan Isabella
6 Lucas Mia
7 Jacob Charlotte
8 Aiden Emily
9 Jackson Abigail
10 Jack Harper
11 Elijah Avery
12 Benjamin Madison
13 Luke Ella
14 James Amelia
15 William Lily
16 Michael Chloe
17 Alexander Sofia
18 Oliver Evelyn
19 Daniel Hannah
20 Owen Zoey
21 Gabriel Grace
22 Henry Addison
23 Matthew Aubrey
24 Carter Aria
25 Ryan Ellie
26 Wyatt Zoe
27 Nathan Audrey
28 Andrew Elizabeth
29 Caleb Natalie
30 Jayden Scarlett
31 Dylan Layla
32 Connor Victoria
33 Joshua Brooklyn
34 Isaac Lucy
35 Hunter Claire
36 Eli Lillian
37 Sebastian Anna
38 Landon Mila
39 David Nora
40 Samuel Riley

  Although parents may hate the idea of sugar highs and extra visits to the dentist, let’s face it KIDS LOVE HALLOWEEN! Dressing up and candy, what’s not to love for them! Here are a few simple and adorable ideas that are a great way to make everyone happy. These No Sew DIY Onsies are so simple and it’s even better when all you need is a little fabric glue!   What would Halloween be without PUMPKINS! Maybe a little glitter or a spooktacular décor   If...

Not only has this blog been a special place for me to gather my thoughts and share the experiences that I have had as a new mom but, also a place that I can look back as a memory for me to remember this time (as it is easy to forgot with the lack thereof sleep) and also a place that my little guy and I can look back on together. I discovered a post on www.thebabymakingmachine.com and loved a list of 30 things that she wanted her children to know about her. Once her list was completed...

It can be hard to find activities for all ages, rather it be you have a newborn and just need to get out of the house for some adult time with your spouse and baby or you have a houseful of toddlers, this is a great idea for all! I found this Fall Bucket list and it had so many options and ideas to include the entire family. Besides, who doesn’t love this time of year?   ...

So, before I had my son I thought I was a fairly intelligent, confident, and capable woman. Hah! Would you believe during my sons first three months of life, I have never felt so naïve, ignorant and helpless. I was wired to try and find a solution to any problem that was thrown at me but, I quickly realized this was one of the only things in life that gave me a run for my money! My son, the love of my life (along with my husband and little Charley) did not come with a manual...

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